Website Guide

Please use this guide if you are having trouble finding what you want on our new site

How do I see upcoming events?
Event information can be found on the event feed as well as on the calendar. These pages are located under the events tab.



Where can I make a rental inquiry?
All information regarding rentals can be found on the rental page. This is located under the Facilities tab.


How can I sign up for volunteering?
We have a volunteering application on the Event Calendar Page!


How do I navigate this site on my mobile device?
You will notice that this site looks slightly different when browsing on a mobile device. You will still be able to access all the same content and pages; the only difference is how you navigate around. Tapping on the green “Menu” button will open up a menu and from there you can select which page you would like to go to. The drop down menus are also slightly different. Tap on a green arrow to open up its drop down menu.
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