Checklist and Instructions

Items 1-10 are number labeled in the storage box. Items 11-13 are not labeled and are provided separately
After use turn power off then disconnect and carefully coil all nine cables and return with mic to the storage box)

  1. Main Microphone Cable
  2. Medium Length Microphone Extension Cable
  3. Medium Length Microphone Extension Cable
  4. Power Cable for 1st Speaker
  5. Power Cable for 2nd Speaker
  6. Blue Extension Cord for 1st Speaker
  7. Blue Extension Cord for 2nd Speaker
  8. Long Microphone Extension Cable to connect 1st and 2nd Speakers
  9. Music Input Cable from source to 1st Speaker (also Bluetooth & radio built-in)
  10. One wired Microphone (Wireless Mic not available with System 1)
  11. Two PA-Glow Speakers (see panel guide on the back of this page)
  12. Two Speaker Stands with one height adjustment “pin” attached to each
  13. One Microphone Stand with Adaptor suitable for (10).
  14. List any added TCA equipment: ___________________________

Instructions for Basic Setup & Use
A customized setup may be available for $20 on request

  1. Turn ALL power switches OFF (one on each of the speakers and microphone)
  2. Connect cable (1) to Mic (10), then (1) to the 1st Speaker Mic Input
  3. Extend cable (1) with cables (2) and (3) if needed
  4. Connect power to Speakers using cables (4) and (5). Add (6) and (7) if needed.
  5. Connect 1st Speaker “Mix out” to 2nd Speaker “XLR Input” with cable (8). Use cables (2) and (3) to extend cable (8) if necessary. Run behind stage or tape down to floor.
  6. Connect Music input cable (9) to your Music Source (Phone, CD, DVD, PC …) and to the corresponding plugs (Aux Input) on the back of 1st Speaker.
  7. Set all Speaker Volume & Tone controls to mid-points 5, never exceed 8.
  8. Set Master Control to zero on each speaker.
  9. Now and only now turn on the power. Adjust Master Control first and then the individual power control to achieve the volume desired.
  10. After use, reverse the procedure from Step 9 to Step 2 — Turn all power off first and then disconnect and carefully coil each cable separately Caution: – some of the microphone cables have latches which must be held down while unplugging them.
  11. Leave the refilled storage box and the separate pieces in the hall with speakers.
  12. Failure to follow all steps will result in charges against your damage deposit ranging from $10 for a pin to $50 for each mic cable to $300 for each speaker.