Temple Community Preschool Rules, Regulations and Policies

Parking: To help ensure the safety of all children, everyone must park ONLY in the parking lot. Use of the handicapped stall is by permit only.

No parking at any time in front of the door,
in front of the dumpster,
along the fire lane, or
along the driveway.

Rules and Regulations: Parents and/or guardians are responsible for their children until the teacher opens the door to invite the children into the classroom.

Playschool doors will not open until 9:15AM for the morning class and 1:00PM for the afternoon class. Please be prompt in picking up your child at 11:15AM (Morning clsss) or 3:00PM (Afternoon class). At the Director's discretion, a fee of $1.00 per minute may be charged for late pick-up.

Children must have separate shoes for indoors. Child must also have a full extra change of clothes in a clearly labeled backpack, to be brought to class everyday. and taken home each day.

Children must be independently toilet trained to participate in the program.

Any change of address, phone numbers (home, work, or cell) or emergency contact information must be reported immediately to the teacher.

Any accidents of incidents require a form to be completed by the teacher and parent or guardian.

Sick children must be kept at home. Call the Temple Preschool at 403-293-5441 to report any absences. If the child is has a fever, a runny nose that is not clear, diarrhea, or is vomiting, the child must stay home. If these symptoms are apparent in a child, the parents or guardians will be called to pick up their child.

Parents or guardians must notify the teacher if anyone other than the child's primary caregiver will be picking up the child.

In case of emergency, the children will be taken directly to St Thomas More School or Annie Foote School. Parents will be contacted immediately to pick up their child in such an event.

Bad weather polocy: If the temperature is below -30 degrees Celcius (with any windchill), Preschool may choose to cancel classes. Parents or guardians will be contacted in the event of cancellation.

Siblings are not allowed to attend any field trips. Siblings are only permitted to be present during the Preschool program at the discretion of the teacher or Preschool Director.

Guidance Policy: Occasional situations may arise where a child's behaviour is inappropriate. Verbal and physical agression, screaming, non-cooperation and swearing towards cassmates, classroom assistants or teachers is not acceptable. Such behaviour will be dealt with as follows:
(1) Verbal warning, (2) Redirection (moved to a different activity.) (3) Parents may be required to remain with the child during class. (4) Child may be removed from the program after a trial period and with writeen notification from the board.

Parents and guardians are advised to inform the teacher of any changes in the child's home live (such as a new baby, a death in the family, divorce, absence of a parent, move, lack of sleep, medication, etc.) which might affect the behavior of the child.

The Preschool Committee reserves the right remove any child from the program, if the child, child's parent, or child's guardian are acting in a manner which is detrimental to the program.

Classroom Assistant: All parents are expected to take turns helping in the class with snacks, crafts and light cleaning. Volunteering also helps parents and guardians be more involved in the preschool program and in the child's early education and helps to keep costs down. Parents can expect to volunteer approximately once per month. The sign-up sheet is available to pick available times. Dates and times are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. Teachers will assign duties to any parent who has not signed up for a spot. Any volunteer who is unable to fulfill their obligation, should notify the teacher.

Parent volunteers are also responsible for brining a healthy snack for the class. Fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers are good: no cakes, candies, cookies, peanuts, nuts or meats please. Any cutting is to be done at the preschool andany prepackaged snacks need to be sealed in its original packaging. Consult the teachers for any questions.

We are in need of parents to volunteer on your Preschool Board which meets once a month. The Preschool cannot run without the assistance from parents. Come have your say in the activities for your child. Become involved with decisions about special occasions and activities. It is a great way to become involved in our community. Meeting other parents can be rewarding. Ask the teacher for details, if you are interested.

Phone: 403-280-5466

Subsidized registrations accepted: Alberta Subsidy Information